Sally Shade (sallyshade) wrote in lovewilliam,
Sally Shade

Standalone Fic: No Matter What

Title: No Matter What
Author: Me, Sally </a></b></a>sallyshade
Rating: Adult/R/NC-17maybe. I guess.
POV: 3rd Person
Summary: No matter what, this was always going to be more than just sex.
Pairing: BECKETT! & Wentz.
Disclaimer: I do not own William Beckett, Pete Wentz, The Academy Is..., Fall Out Boy, their tour buses, any hotels, yeah. This story is fiction, and is possibly inspired by seeing said people, bands, and tour buses on the Honda Civic Tour (I don't own that was amazing though). Once again this story is fiction; it's not real, it never happened.
Author's Note: Umm... Partially inspired by seeing the Honda Civic Tour, but this didn't actually happen.

"I love William Beckett the way a boy loves a boy."
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